Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain consulting services

AICS combines strong business planning skills with extensive blockchain tech expertise to deliver consulting services on the business level as well as help tech specialists understand its applications.

We develop solutions that accelerate, facilitate, and secure your business processes through blockchain’s autonomy, distribution, transparency, immutability, and high security.

Blockchain consulting for businesses

From startups and SMBs to large enterprises and government institutions — we share our deep and insightful expertise with businesses operating in different industry sectors, including:

Supply Chain
Real estate

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Research & development process

Our team carefully analyses your business processes and needs with you, to identify the most appropriate blockchain solutions for your goals.

Blockchain training services from AICS

AICS is ready to share practical experience and knowledge in custom blockchain development with businesses of any size, complexity, and area of activity. We conduct training sessions and workshops for technical specialists and enterprise decision-makers, with individual courses for each group.

Our team carefully analyses your business processes and needs with you, to identify the most appropriate blockchain solutions for your goals.

Public blockchains

Custom public blockchains let you deliver services outside your organisation, giving you control over user account permissions while you manage payments, transfer data, and reduce counterparty risks.

Private blockchains

Your own blockchain, your way. Built for internal business operations, verified user identities, modular data encryption, and auditable activity trails come as standard.

Smart contracts

Self-executing, immutable code triggers actions when predetermined conditions are met. Automate payments, transfers of ownership, and information exchange across systems.

Decentralised exchanges

Exchange fiat and multiple digital assets on secure decentralised exchanges based on fast, efficient blockchain technology that ensures security and protection from hacking.

Digital assets

Create digital assets to accelerate internal value transfers, buy and sell rapidly across national boundaries, and generate funds for growth.

Digital wallets

Store users’ information safely and securely in encrypted digital wallets, combining convenience with powerful encryption to ensure against hacks and thefts.

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