Dapp Development

Dapp development services

Secure, trustless, rapid, scalable, and stable; Aetsoft delivers effective dapps across verticals and industries.

With extensive experience creating dapp backend code, designing and crafting interfaces, and matching technology to business goals and processes, Aetsoft builds custom decentralized applications that help businesses grow.

Rapid processing

Multiple computers work on a task simultaneously, optimizing resource use and accelerating processing.

Immutable security

All changes are logged in an immutable record, protected by the consensus model, while cryptographic security is built in.

Uptime by design

Multiple devices means no hardware failures; encrypted, immutable blockchain architecture means no software glitches.

Trustless and transparent

Users don’t need to trust each other or a third party, and they can verify the dapp’s behavior for themselves through audit trails and blockchain explorers.

Audit and data trails

Satisfy regulatory requirements and establish real internal accountability; know exactly who’s done what with each file.


Managed by their communities under the auspices of their code, dapps require less management and support than traditional applications.

What we offer

Aetsoft brings to the table a range of dapp development options, from building a dapp from scratch to consultancy and support.

Custom dapp development

Get a custom dapp built from the ground up by our team of experts to perfectly match your business goals.

Dapp consulting

Get in-depth dapp consulting based on careful market and technology analysis, to maximize your dapp’s chances of success.

Dapp design

Let industry professionals craft your dapp’s interface to delight and attract users or permit seamless business onboarding.

Our blockchain development process

Experts on dapps and business

Aetsoft has been developing custom dapps for a global client base long enough to know that you need experts who understand business, not just design and code.

Deep development skillbase

With a team of expert developers bringing skills and experience in specific dapp development and design techniques, Aetsoft delivers best-in-class solutions across codebases, blockchains and libraries.

Focus on you

We start with what you need, then identify the right tools. You’re welcome at standups and meetings, you’ll get regular reports, and your feedback is vitally important. We build dapps for your business.

We’re still learning, too

Your business doesn’t stand still. Neither do we. We’re constantly improving our skills and understanding to deliver cutting-edge advice and services for you.

Contact us and schedule a call!

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